Design & Custom Fabrication

Design, fabricate, and install structures and enclosures. We take great pride in the quality of our work. We serve a variety of different industries including general industry, pet food, ethanol plants, food plants, nitrogen plants, and processing plants.

Professional Installation

Our top priority is to supply you with outstanding service that helps your equipment run smoothly for the process that you are in need of. We work closely with you to install owner provided equipment and work with you to tie existing equipment in with new equipment. All while maintaining a safe working environment.

Equipment Maintenance & Rebuild

Well running equipment is essential for you. We work closely with you to set up a schedule to help maintenance your equipment so that it runs and operates at peak performance. We also work closely with you to rebuild equipment to get you back running as efficiently as possible.

OSHA Compliance

A safe working environment is crucial for the safety of, not only our staff, but your staff too. We work with you to help identify and fix OSHA violations before they are an issue. Machine guarding is in the top 10 most frequently sited OSHA violations. We can work closely to figure out the best possible solution before it becomes an issue.

Shutdown Maintenance Support

Equipment that is ran daily for long periods of time needs maintenance. We want to help you prevent those emergency breakdowns. We work closely with you to schedule downtime for us to come in and maintenance your equipment to help keep it running smoothly day in and day out. If you have an emergency breakdown, give us a call we can help get you back up and running as quickly and safely as possible.